Application to become Staff

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Application to become Staff

Post  Grim Reaper on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:00 am

Hello users, pretty much anyone who joins wants to become staff. Well, here is an Application to become one, You must be at least 13 Years or Older. Now, If you are wanting to try out, Just use this template and post your Application in the Staff Tryout's Forum. Thanks, FUZE STAFF Please Note: If you do get accepted you will become a Chat Box Moderator first, then you will move up, up, then up.

Edit From Baltazar: This is a place for sharing your Youtube, GFX, Gaming & more. If you are not contributing to the site by posting in the forums, your application will be rejected.


Reason why you want to become Staff:

What could you do to help:

Other Comments:

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