[Source] F.b.i Rat (Full Backdoor Intergrated)

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[Source] F.b.i Rat (Full Backdoor Intergrated)

Post  iknowitsme on Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:59 pm

F.B.I RAT (Full Backdoor Intergration) V0.1

Supports xp/Vista/Windows 7, all features have been tested on these OS's including injection, but there have been some limitations on the sniffer.


File Manager:
-Execute, Normal & Hidden.
-Copy & Paste like Windows explorer.
-Display size of file, and type.
-Download & Upload (re-coded) Multi-threaded downloads, which allows you to download multiple files at once.
-Stop, Pause and resume active transfer's.
-Search files.
-rename files.

System Manager:
-Process Manager - Refresh and kill processes running
-Window Manager - Refresh and close windows, shows hidden and visable windows.
-Installed Programs - List's program name and Directory.
-Installed Services - Lists installed services, allows you to stop, start and pause services.

-Allows the user to have a time & date stamp, and active window, as well as custom colour coding.
-Uses a keyboard hook, so no dropped keys like most keyloggers, and 0 CPU usage.
-Offline and Online keylogs, Offline keylogs are downloaded once you start the Online keylogger, and once the online keylogger session has finished, the offline keylogger begins again.

Screen capture:
-Reworked transfer & Capture.
-Allows the user to select the quality, intervals of screen shots and stop & start screen capture, also allows the user to take a single snapshot when ever they want.

-Reworked transfer & Capture.
-Allows the user to stop & start captures also allows an interval for the sending of captures.

Packet Sniffer:
-"Net stat" Allows the user to view local connections on the computer, and then select which connection you want to sniff, displays remote server IP and local IP & Port information, also the state of the connection, all this information comes from the TCP stack of windows.

-Packet sniffer, sniffs the raw packets, using windows RAW sockets and formats them into text for you to read, i have tested this with Real world websites, and has allowed me to steal information, such as website logins, but because of the limitations of vista and windows 7 it is likely it will not work, for those two operating systems.

Choice of injection, This source comes with another project that allows you to inject your server into the default browser of the Victim, you can also use the exe and run it normally without injection, for testing, the injection code has been modified from an old source i found, i took the source and improved it, made it detect the default browser and made it load the API's indirectly, so you can encrypt the API strings, and bypass AV's.

You need to Install windows SDK 2003, and Put these LIBs and Headers into your global MSVC 6.0 Includes and Libs folder or download LibJpeg

Download :
Fbi Rat : http://adf.ly/4NwC
LibJpeg : http://adf.ly/4NwI



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